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AquaIllumination AI42965-reef
Aqua Illuminations SOL Super Blue Modular White LED Lighting System
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This is the reason you started the tank in the first place, to see your corals grow and flourish in a pristine environment. The AI Sol has a proven track record since it was first introduced in 2007 and users continue to see phenomenal growth. LPS and SPS all flourish under the precision lighting environment.

The AI Sol is the most controllable aquarium lighting available in the industry. Pick the look you want with a vast array of color options at your fingertips.

Compatible Controllers
AI Controller
GHL Profilux
Digital Aquatics Reefkeeper
Neptune Apex

Managing your light is a right, not a privilege. The AI Sol exclusively uses white Cree XP-G and blue/royal blue XP-E series LEDs with a combination of our proprietary 40 and 70 degree lenses, balanced specifically to achieve the greatest spread without sacrificing intensity.

At just 75W from the wall per module, the Sol is one of the most efficient lighting solutions available. With low energy consumption and minimal heat output, you can watch your coral grow and your energy bill shrink.

We grow with you. Whether you have upgraded to a larger tank or just want more lighting in your current tank, our modular system provides you the flexibility no other product offers.

We know how important your investment is. We've designed the AI Sol to be forward thinking, and allow for upgrades as the technology progresses. Like personal computers, LED technology is advancing rapidly. The AI Sol is completely modular, allowing for upgrades as desired including the Vega's capabilities.