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Tropical Science TS80021
16 oz. Tropical Science Marine Clean
Your Price: $12.49

Detailed Description

Sludge Removing System

Increases oxygen availability while cutting down on time consuming maintenance and reducing wear and tear on expensive filtration systems. Marine-Clean is a very high-density blend of non-pathogenic, heterotrophs that keep the aquatic system clean. Just because you don’t see “sludge” doesn’t mean it’s not there in the form of natural organics and suspended debris that eat up precious oxygen of a marine system. Just a dose every 4 to 6 weeks will keep the system performing at its best and keep the water quality in top condition.

Beneficial Probiotic bacteria reduces aquarium maintenance.
Removes Sludge
Cleans Biological Filter Media
Reduces Gravel Vacuuming
Safe for Saltwater Fish, Plants and Invertebrates
Reduces Aquarium Maintenance
Five different strains of high-density bacteria for full spectrum sludge elimination.