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Ecoxotic ECO09243
24 Inch 445NM Royal Blue 25 Watt Ecoxotic Panorama Marine Led Striplight Kit
Your Price: $188.05

Detailed Description

Docking Mounts
Inline Dimmer
Power Supply

(20) Actinic LEDs

It’s a well known fact that blue light penetrates the furthest in the ocean; coral have naturally selected for this wavelength as a source of energy. Having a predominant peak wavelength of 445 nm the Panorama Actinic Blue provides your corals the spectrum for producing visually stunning colors and wavelength nature has selected for energy and growth.

445nm Blue LEDs

High PAR for increased coral growth & color

Dimmable, adjustable intensity

Complete system, includes all accessories for tank & canopy mounting

50% more efficient than comparable 2xT5HO lighting fixtures

With a simple turn of a dial you can increase or decrease the intensity of the white and blue LED’s. Independently adjust from a deep blue to a super crisp white - It’s never been easier to create stunning mood and moon lighting effects.

A mirrored aluminum reflector and perfectly blended LED’s create mesmerizing natural shimmer essential for growth, appearance and the health of your coral and fish.

Enjoy your visual inspiration in peace and quiet. No noisy fans to distract from the aquarium experience, and the LED’s marginal heat output is directed away from your aquarium eliminating the need for a costly water chiller.

Water resistant, low voltage, and mercury free keeps it safe for you, your fish and the environment. Operating on 24 volts means no induced voltage into your aquarium leading to ailments such as lateral line disease, and no risk of shock. Since there are no lamps to replace, there is no hazardous mercury for disposal.

Place it directly on your aquarium, or to the inside of your canopy. All of the necessary hardware from brackets to dimmers makes it The Complete Lighting Solution.