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Aqua Ultraviolet AU00337
25 watt Twist UV 2 inch By Aqua Ultraviolet
Your Price: $287.00

Detailed Description

The Aqua Ultraviolet Twist 25 Watt 2" White UV Sterilizer is the premium choice as a clarifier and sterilizer in ponds and aquariums. The Twist combines all the functionality of the Aqua Ultraviolet Classic with unions that expand functionality. A union in the body allows you to rotate the inlet and outlet to the optimum places for your particular hookups. An expansion union included with each Twist UV will allow you to connect additional UV sterilizers to your Twist UV.

Used as a sterilizer, the Twist 25 Watt UV is the premium choice for a 500-1200 gallon pond or an aquarium up to 150 gallons. Used as a clarifier, the Twist 25 Watt UV can treat up to 4000 gallons of fresh water that has 50% to 75% plant coverage.

A pump is a required.

Dimensions: 20" X 6" X 2-1/2"

Inlet: 2” slip, Outlet: 2” slip


Housing: Limited lifetime warranty on housing against Ultraviolet degradation. Complete Unit: One year from date of purchase or 18 months from manufacturing date

Controls algae, bacteria & protozoa

Clears water in 3-5 days, sometimes overnigh