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Marineland ML32991
24 36 Inch Adjustable Marineland LED Double Bright Lighting System
1 Watt LEDs

8 White
4 Blue

17,000 Hour Lifetime
Your Price: $86.25

Detailed Description

Appropriate for fish-only tanks as the main light or for reef tanks or planted tanks as a night light

A rocker switch offers 3 modes: white & blue LEDs for daytime, blue LEDs only for lunar effect, and OFF

Adjustable mounting legs offer flexibility in tank sizes and can expand from 26" to 34"

Includes 8 x 1W white and 4 x blue LEDs

The Marineland LED Double Bright Lighting System, Adjustable from 26-34", is illuminated by energy efficient 1 Watt White LED's that provide higher output than typical fluorescent bulb lighting, and also include integrated blue lunar LED's. These components are housed in a sleek and stylish, low-profile fixture with specially designed polycarbonate lenses to ensure optimal light focus and protection. The intense light emitted from these innovative fixtures produces a beautiful shimmering effect that mimics the penetration of natural sunlight. Energy efficient and designed to last, these fixtures boast an impressive 17,000 hour lifetime, and never require bulb replacement.