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46 Gallon Bowfront Systems ll Fish Tank 36x16.25x20 by SeaClear Acrylic Aquariums
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Access Opening - 28x7
Acrylic Thickness - 3/16 Body 3/8 Top

SeaClear 46 Gallon Bowfront Fish Tank easiest way to create a breathtaking fresh or saltwater aquarium set-up is with the SeaClear System II Acrylic Aquariums. They're equipped with a wet/dry filtration system that accommodates biological, chemical and mechanical filtration media, as well as space for a heater and SeaClear Protein Skimmer if needed (each sold separately). The tank itself is SeaClear's Acrylic Fish Tanks sparkling acrylic, with smooth rounded corners for great looks and safety. Convenient, efficient and economical to run. Full hood with fluorescent fixtures installed (bulb is not included) and lifetime warranty against leakage.

1- 4 way adjustable skimmer gate prevents fish from entering filter.
2- Quick change prefilter makes cleaning simple
3- Heater or Optional Protein Skimmer chamber
4- Bio-Aire Driptray distributes water evenly over biological filtration and enhances aeratior
5- High surface area biological media
6- Air-injection nozzle
7- Media tray for chemical and carbon filtration
8- 350 gph submersible pump
9- Clear slot to view water level in filter
10- Turbulence manifold for circulation unsurpassed by any other built-in filter

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