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Current USA CUR03030
48 Inch TrueLumen Pro 8,000K Sun White Strip Light with Canopy Brackets
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Detailed Description


TrueLumen Pro LED striplights finally offer aquarists features theyve always needed. The energy efficient, long life, ultra-bright LED chips emit a sharp spectrum of light promoting growth and color not algae. Protected by a proprietary silicone cover, they are completely water resistant and designed to last. Powered by a 24 volt low-voltage transformer, they are linkable providing for future expansion and flexibility. Powerful and feature rich, the TrueLumen Pro LED striplights are the simple and safe solution for marine & freshwater aquarists from the hobbyist to the professional.

8,000K Sun White - the perfect spectrum for freshwater planted aquariums or refugiums.

48" x 0.8" x 0.7"

30 Watts