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Aquatic Life AL01241
48 Inch AquaticLife 8 Lamp Fixture
Your Price: $519.99

Detailed Description

The AquaticLife 48" T5 HO 8 Lamp Fixture combines 420/460 nm Actinic lamps, 700+ nm (10K daylight) lamp, and a 460/620nm lamp in one streamlined unit—controlled by a built in digital timer. The AquaticLife 48" T5 HO 8 Lamp Fixture is for reef aquariums—and is a great choice for frag tanks. Please visit our Lighting Chart page to identify the best light for your particular reef aquarium.

Does NOT have an acrylic lens, fans or LEDs

Comes with FIVE 54W 48" 420/460 nm Actinic lamps, TWO 54W 48" 700+ nm (10K daylight) lamp & ONE 54W 48" 460/620nm Purple Lamp

Digital timer controls two sets of lamps independently. Each set of lamps controlled by the timer consists of four lamps, and each of the two timer settings controls every other lamp

Mounting legs (frame mounts) included

German-made individual reflectors maximize light by directing it into the aquarium

Suspension Ports allow connection to optional cables for various mounting configurations (cables not included)

Dimensions without mounting legs (frame mounts): 48" X 18" X 3.25". The mounting legs (frame mounts) will add 2.5" to the height of the light.

If you would prefer different AquaticLife lamps, please clearly specify the lamps you want in the last page of the checkout in the Order Comments box.