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Marineland AMLPFESO5HX
5 Gallon Maineland Hexagon Systems Combo
Your Price: $47.14

Detailed Description

The Eclipse Seamless Integrated Aquarium Systems combines a three-stage Eclipse Filtration & Lighting System with a high-quality seamless aquarium, TetraCare support, and an informative beginners fishkeeping guide in one complete package.

The high-performance Eclipse Rite-Size Filter Cartridge and patented Marineland BIO-Wheel provide total mechanical, chemical and biological filtration, ensuring 100% water-to media contact for excellent water quality. The specially selected incandescent or fluorescent daylight lamps promote plant growth and bring out the brilliant natural colors of ornamental fish.

The Eclipse systems are easy to setup, easy to operate, easy to access. And top-mounted Eclipse filtration affords ample space for added accessories like heaters or airline tubing.