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Marineland AMLML90563
6 Gallon Marineland Acrylic Pillar with LED Lighting and Filtration
AMLML90563 (RM)
Your Price: $74.99

Detailed Description

Hidden BIO-Wheel filtration: 3-stage filtration for a clean and healthy aquatic environment

Hidden LED lighting system -- bright white and blue LEDs show off the aquarium in the best light

Daylight & moonlight settings

Low voltage

Single power cord

The sleek and modern design of the Marineland Pillar Desktop Aquarium Kit will complement any home or office décor. The latest technology in aquatic environments was used to give this desktop aquarium its good looks. This kit combines a high-quality, clear, seamless aquarium with hidden LED lighting and filtration. This allows you to rest assured that your fish are being taken care of with the best advancements in fishkeeping while keeping this technology concealed so that you can enjoy your fish without obstructions, just a great looking aquarium! The best lighting under the sun and moon! This aquarium is fitted with the latest advancements in lighting. LED lighting is known for its long lasting, energy efficient and environmentally friendly benefits, however; the hidden LED technology used in this aquarium takes it one step further and it is integrated under the hood of the aquarium. Genius! The hidden LED lighting on this aquarium features day and night lighting options. The daytime LED lights create a shimmering light that mimics the natural underwater effect of sunlight, making the aquarium captivating to watch before you even add the fish! The blue nighttime LED lights allow for a lunar effect that mimics the moonlight making this aquarium double as the coolest nightlight on the planet!

This aquarium kit features Marineland's patented BIO-Wheel filtration which sets the industry standard in complete advanced filtration. Through this advanced multi-stage filtration process this filter ensures the best water quality available. Taking this a step further the filter that is integrated into this kit is rated to handle aquariums more than 2 times the size of this one! The process begins with, 100% water-to-media contact for excellent water quality. The mechanical filter floss on the “Rite-Size A” filter cartridge screens out dirt and debris and has a molded ribbed back for maximum water-to-carbon contact. The chemical filtration is driven by the Black Diamond activated carbon inside the filter cartridge and removes odors, discoloration and impurities more effectively than any other carbon available. The filter cartridge should be replaced every 4 weeks since carbon de-activates with use. Biological filtration is powered by the patented BIO-Wheel which provides a wet/dry environment eliminating toxic ammonia and nitrate on contact. This process that breaks down waist and removes ammonia and nitrates relies on beneficial bacteria that live on this BIO-Wheel. The beneficial bacteria require oxygen to live and grow. The BIO-Wheel provides a constant oxygen rich surface for these bacteria with regular exposure to open air where there is 30,000 times more oxygen than under water. Set-up and maintenance of this aquarium could not be easier!

Because both the lighting and filtration on this aquarium are low voltage they work off of the same energy efficient power supply. This means you only need to use one plug for both the filtration and lighting! A large clear opening in the hood provides not only a unique view into your underwater creation, but it also allows easy access for feeding and maintaining your aquarium. This all comes without having to choose between accessing the aquarium or lighting it as the lighting stays fixed even when you remove this panel. And if that wasn't enough, most aquariums come with a set-up guide, this kit also comes with its own support system to ensure success. TetraCare makes your aquarium experience easy and successful with its free online and phone support system. Backed by the experience of the world leader in home and public aquarium products for more than 60 years, TetraCare will allow you to confidently set up and maintain a healthy aquarium. Through specially timed e-mails to guide you through the first six months of your aquarium experience and beyond you will be getting timely advice written by fish lovers and aquarium experts on how to prepare the water and when to add fish. Follow-up e-Minders coach you on ongoing aquarium maintenance and to help you succeed in this fascinating world of adventure and beauty. Many of these e-Minders will also include money-saving offers and valuable coupons to help you along. You will get immediate answers to your specific questions too – online, through Rapid Response e-mails (always answered within 24 hours), and through one-on-one, live phone support, available seven days a week.