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Two Little Fishies TLF44102
.70 oz CorAffix Gel Coral Glue
By Two Little Fishies
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Detailed Description

CorAffix is an ethyl cyanoacrylate bonding compound for use in aquarium aquascaping and coral culture. Ideal for attaching stony corals, gorgonians, and other sessile invertebrates in natural positions on live rock in aquariums and also for attaching coral frags to bases in coral culturing.

Directions: For "frags": Place a spot of CorAffix on a base rock or plug. Press the frag onto it and wet with seawater to accelerate herdening. Cures within 20 seconds. For aquascaping: Do not insert bottle underwater. Place a spot of CorAffix on the underside of a coral above water and quickly insert the coral in seawater to form a skin. Repeat, forming layers, until there is a sufficient quantity for making the attachment. Press the coral in the position underwater, causing CorAffix to spread between the coral and attachment point. Hold in place for 30 seconds. If a secure bond does not form, apply another layer of CorAffix and try again.