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SeaClear 10-10094173
9 Gallon BiUbe Aquarium Silver
Your Price: $159.99

Detailed Description


The 9-gallon biUbe takes the best-selling features of the biOrb and puts them into an eye-catching new style and shape. biUbe incorporates a clever and easy to change filtration system that has been designed to provide maximum benefits to both fish and fish keeper.

The cylinder is manufactured from Plexiglass acrylic and because of its large water capacity, biUbe provides fish with approximately 10 times more space than a traditional bowl.

biUbe's unique filter design combines mechanical, chemical and biological filtration to keep the water healthy and clear. With the filter barely visible in the bottom, once biUbe is filled with water there is nothing to detract from its perfect 360 degree viewing angle.

biUbe incorporates very safe low voltage (12v) new technology illumination, and a 10w halogen bulb providing additional clarity and sparkle. biUbe's stylish shape is unaffected because the light fits unobtrusively inside the lid. Along with providing fish with the healthiest environment possible, the unusual design makes it a conversation piece akin to modern sculpture

biUbe comes complete with light, air pump, filter, ceramic media, fish food, water conditioner and set of instructions.