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Baby Biorb makes great gift

Baby Biorb

If you are looking for a starter fish tank for yourself or someone else, check out the many options we carry at Fish Tanks Direct. We are one of the largest online distributors of aquariums and aquatic supplies. We've got a huge selection of Baby Biorb products and supplies as well as large tanks and unique pieces for serious enthusiasts. The Biorb fish tank is a great way to enjoy having fish, without the hassles you might associate with a fish tank. The Baby Biorb 4 gallon and 8 gallon systems are easy to use and maintain systems that look like traditional round fish bowls, but have the features of today's high-tech acrylic aquariums.

Buy a Biorb fish tank

Biorb Fish Tank

You will notice that we carry acrylic aquariums. Even the Biorb fish tank, that looks like a glass bowl, is made of acrylic. This makes for a bowl that will not shatter and it also provides a superior viewing experience. The Biorb aquarium line we carry is all made of acrylic. These tanks have an easy to use filtration system that does not impede viewing, and it does not require heavy maintenance. You can enjoy all the benefits of a larger tank in a smaller version. The 4 and 8 gallon bowls are ideal for small spaces - tabletop, desktop or countertop. They appeal to people of all ages, and look great in any room or office.

Biorb aquarium selection

If you like the simplicity and traditional look of the smaller Biorbs, but would like to have more fish, take a look at the 16 gallon Biorb aquarium. This offers the same design, but more capacity. It also comes with a halogen light, air pump, air stone, filter cartridge, food sample, tap water treatment and plug top 12 volt transformer. You just need to supply the water and the aquatic life. This is a great option for an office space, or living room. Available in 8 different colors, you can even match the aquarium to your decor!

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