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Bashsea BS79821
Bashsea No-Trate 6-12
Your Price: $199.99

Detailed Description

The Bashsea No-Trate 6-12 is an all natural Nitrate removal system. In the No-Trate oxygen rich water flows through the small diameter blue tubing where aerobic bacteria colonizes the inner walls and removes the oxygen from the water. The oxygen free water then enters the center chamber were anaerobic bacteria colonize a perfect mixture of bio-media.

For tanks up to 100 gallons Does not include a pump. Recommended flow rate 1-6 gph.

Highly porous calcium carbonate bio-media included (a mixture of bio balls & bio ribbon)

1/2" hose barb inlet/outlet

Dimensions: 13-1/2 Tall. Chamber: 6" X 12".

100% Natural Process. No dangerous chemicals needed. Does not alter Ph.

Maintenance free when pre-filtered


Precision CNC key hole flanges

True o-ring seals

Designed and hand built in the U.S.A. using 100% American made acrylic construction