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AquaVista Black Aquavista 1480
Black 20 Gallon Aquavista 1480 Panoramic Wall Aquarium
Black Aquavista 1480
Your Price: $1,178.57

Detailed Description

These aquariums are the worlds most advanced wall aquariums and are completely self-contained and extremely easy to maintain. As you can see, the value is incredible and the features are even more phenomenal.

The Aquavista Panoramic Aquarium is available in 2 sizes: the 1480P (5ft wide) and 1780P (6ft wide). Each Panoramic Aquarium is available in black or silver and is completely pre-assembled and includes a side-mounted, embedded Touchscreen LCD Control Panel that controls the following:

Dual Powerhead Filtration System

Programmable heater

Automatic Feeder

Compact Flourescent Lighting

Carbon Dioxide Generator for live plant keeping

Air Pump

Low Maintenance designed to simplify your life, the Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquarium requires less than 15 minutes per month

No Daily Care complete with embedded Automatic Feeder, caring for your fish has never been easier. Just refill the feeder periodically and enjoy!

Easy Set Up no assembly required. Custom mounting brackets makes hanging safe and easy!

Complete Advanced Aquarium System the Aquavista Panoramic is pre-assembled with dual filtration system, heater, air pump, lighting, CO2 generator, and automatic feeder that is controlled by an easy to use programmable touch-screen control that simplifies all functions. Over $50 of essential aquarium care accessories are included at no charge.

Create a Living Underwater Garden each unit comes with a Carbon Dioxide Generator that allows live plants to photosynthesize and prosper. Aquascaping is a new and growing hobby, and it has never been simpler.

Space-Saving Design Aquavista Panoramic Wall Aquariums sleek wall-mounted design brighten up any wall to create a cluster-free environment by freeing up valuable floor and counter space.

Different Sizes & Colors Available The Aquavista Panoramic is available in 5 ft and 6 ft wide and is even available up to 10 ft wide for budget conscious people that want to bring their walls to life. Comes in two (2) colors ~ Black or Silver.