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Red Sea RS50203
C-Skim 1800 Advanced Protein Skimmer
By Red Sea
Your Price: $339.99

Detailed Description

Recommended tank size:
Fish Only: up to 450 gallons
Soft corals & LPS: 300 gallons
Hard corals (SPS): 150 gallons

Red Sea C-Skim 1800 represents an integration of revolutionary features, performance characteristics of high demand commercial foam fractionators and the footprint and affordability of a modernly designed hobby protein skimmer. The C-Skim provides a new level of protein skimming in terms of efficiency, performances and user friendliness. The C-Skim features include a Peripheral Flow Closed Loop Skim Chamber providing improved water/air flow dynamics, an integrated Neck Washing system which increases long term skimming performances and the FoamView enabling easy adjustment of the skimming foam production.

Requires a 400-450 gph pump. We recommend the Mag Drive 5.

Max. air throughput 800 liters (200 gal) per hour

Aspiration pump: included

Height: 54 cm (21¼ inch)

Foot print: 34 x 25 cm (13.4 x 10 inch) including aspiration pump

Inlet connection: 12mm (½) standard flexible hose

Outlet connection: 90° elbow suitable for standard 40mm or 1½ rigid pipe

Innovative, highly effective skim reactor

Integral neck washing system

FoamView skim adjustment window

800 lph (200 gph) air injection

Can be used as a Stand-alone or In-sump protein skimmer