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CPR CPR05912
CPR Aquatics A.I.D. Acclimation + Isolation +Dosing Device with Pump
Your Price: $37.99

Detailed Description


CPR Aquatic's First A.I.D. kit is designed to automate and simplify the acclimation and introduction of aquatic animals into a new environment. Properly acclimating fish and coral significantly improves the animal's ability to make a smooth transition to its new environment without trauma, which often causes stress, disease and sometimes even death. The First A.I.D. kit is not just an acclimation device. It can also be used as an isolation tank so users can socially acclimate the animals to the other aquarium inhabitants. The First A.I.D. kit can also be used to dose liquid supplements into a sump as well as be used as a dipping station where coral or fish can be dipped prior to introduction o the tank. Designed for freshwater or marine aquariums.

First A.I.D. case
Attachment bracket
(Vertical & Euro-brace rims)
Tinted body and lid
Egg crate coral frag racks
Circulation pump for isolation tank use*

Acclimate new fish and corals
Isolate fish or coral from other inhabitants
Dose supplements into a sump
Dipping station for fish and corals
Body Size:

7 1/8" W x 3 1/2" D x 9" H

for all fresh and saltwater aquariums