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Zilla SRZ100009509
Deluxe 20 Gallon Bearded Dragon Kit
SRZ100009509 (F)
Your Price: $199.99

Detailed Description

Premium quality 20-Long glass terrarium is roomy and secure

Three dome light fixtures & bulbs provide healthy amount of heat and light

Temperature/humidity gauge for monitoring your pet’s environment

Nutritionally balanced food is recommended by specialists

Alfalfa Meal premium bedding includes agent to fight bacteria and germs

Keeping a docile, inquisitive Bearded Dragon is an ideal way to begin a reptile hobby, and the Deluxe Kit gets a new pet started on a long, fascinating life. It’s all here: a 20-Long glass terrarium for plenty of running room, equipped with three reflective dome light fixtures and bulbs that provide healthy amounts of both heat and light. Zilla Bearded Dragon Food offers the recommended balanced daily nutrition. Zilla Alfalfa Meal Bedding includes a pet-safe bacteriostatic agent to fight bacteria and germs. There’s also a temperature/humidity gauge to monitor your pet’s environment, a Lizard Lagoon™ water dish, plus a comprehensive booklet that details terrarium setup and Bearded Dragon care.

Dimensions - L: 14.50  W: 32.00  H: 14.75