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Dolphin 10500 Water Pump
1.5 HP
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Detailed Description

Dolphins highest current, efficiency, pressure, flow, fringe tech center discharge 1.5 union compact pump.

Supplied corded @ 115V.,Or wired for 230 V. (uncorded)

Indoor or un protected outdoor use.

New Dolphin fringe tech Wet End with the Worlds most advanced seals.

Four seal types available through Diamond for pumping the most abrasive marine situations imaginable, while reducing current draw. Type 4 seal has the lowest friction load of any mechanical seal in the World.

Two and Three Year Factory Warranty Plus Free 10 year Factory Service Guarantee included.

For maximum performance use at least a 2 closed loop return manifold.

Supplied with 1.5 Super Seal unions and Anti Vibration Pump Pad.

REMEMBER MOST ALL MARINE WATER IS ABRASIVE AND AN ABRASIVE MARINE SEAL IS WORTH EVERY PENNY SINCE THE SERVICE LIFE IS INCOMPARABLE AND THE PAY BACK COMES WITH THE FIRST SEAL WEAR REPLACEMENT, IN SEAL COST AND INCONVENIENCE. For extreme service life Dolphin recommends always choosing abrasive proof seals for marine and sandy fresh water unless they are not available in the pump desired. Our Crane type stainless non abrasive marine water seals are produced for CLEAN marine seawater, they do not offer the longservice life of the Crane abrasive marine seal or the extreme service life of the Fringe Tech 3 seal, the Worlds best marine/reef pump is the Fringe Tech 4 seal. All aspects of this pump surpass seal less pumps. For maximum efficiency in electrical draw and service life pumping the harshest reef water the Diamond Series Type 4 pumps are the holy grail for the Reef Aquarium industry. Amp Masters are all silent and cool running.SECONDIS ENERGY CONSUMED. ALWAYS CHOOSE THE FLOW YOU NEED FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE PERFORMANCE CURVE and ALWAYS PLUMB IN A CLOSED RETURN LOOP USING THE LARGEST PIPE SIZE AVAILABLE FOR MAX EFFICIENCY.

Seal Options

Type 1
Freshwater use with over double the life expectancy of our other style freshwater seals.

Type 2
Marine all materials used to provide the life expectancy of type 1seal but composed using only materials designed for pumping clean nonabrasive marine water.

Type 3
Marine Reef,Freshwater,and many other corrosive waters containing seal damaging abrasives and sand minerals.This is the one we recommend for those who want a virtually maintenance free pump with a seal designed to out last the motor.

Type 4
The Diamond Seal.The hardest,slipperiest greenest seal made on Earth,with all the advantages of the best seal less pumps made without the disadvantages.Lowest friction,amp draw,life time duty,Marine,Fresh,any abrasive water,quiet and cool running.No Maintenance. When the motor finally fails add a new motor to the Type-4 Wet End and you are running again.