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Living Color
Dominica Kit
29 x 16 x 28
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Detailed Description

How to Install Your Living Color Coral Collection Piece

Wash Before Using: Any and all products intended for use in an aquarium should be washed with very warm water before use.

Optional Rod: This package may include an optional rod for anchoring your coral, either to a Living Color coral base rock or to another base rock (live rock, non-live rock or other non-toxic bases are equally compatible). Our heavier coral pieces will not include the optional rod, as they are best suited for placement on a strong and stable ledge, or the bottom of the aquarium.

To use the optional rod anchoring system, please follow these steps:

  • 1. Insert the threaded rod into the pre-drilled threaded hole on the bottom of your Coral Collection piece. Secure by turning the rod gently into place. Note: Excessive turning may strip the threads.
  • 2. Insert the threaded rod, now attached to your coral, through one of the pre-drilled holes in your base.
  • 3. If the rod is longer than necessary, or the coral includes a non-removable rod you do not wish to use, simply snip the excess - or the entire rod - with tin snips or other similar tools.