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EcoRay Aquarium LED Lighting

The intent of designing and building this light is to offer an affordable alternative for LED lighting that will allow hobbyist see a return on their investment measured in months instead of years. Ecoray has custom features designed specifically for Naxandra including high power LED, all aluminum casing, light boards and fan. The spacing and angle of the lenses was altered to best light up standard aquarium sizes for most reef denizens. By engineering certain components of the system we were able to increase the overall lighting area, while using the same wattage. Also the spotlight affect has been reduced to replicate a more natural spread of light, while still inducing glimmer lines. The Ecoray 60 is 60 watts and is rectangular (8.5 x 14) and is designed to fit inside most commercially available tank canopies. The Ecoray 64 is 64 watts and is 10.5 inches square. They both come with mounting brackets for installing in a canopy and wire for hanging installation. We will also offer a two cord option, one for independent control of white and actinic lights.
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Ecoray 60D Dual Cord Aquarium Growth LEDS
Ecoray 60D Dual Cord Aquarium Growth LEDS
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Ecoray 60D Dual Cord Aquarium Growth LEDS
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