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Eshopps ES18200
Eshopps Hang On Skimmer PSK-75H
Your Price: $154.99

Detailed Description

The EShopps PSK-75H Hang-On Protein Skimmer combines performance and easy installation. Eshopps protein skimmers are designed with simplicity in mind to satisfy the skimming needs of saltwater aquarium hobbyists. The included pump features a needle-wheel impeller that vigorously mixes air and water to create a flurry of waste-removing bubbles. The PSK-75H will improve water quality and oxygen levels in saltwater aquariums. The removable collection cup allows convenient skimmer maintenance and disposal of collected waste material. The adjustment knob fine-tunes water level within the protein skimmer reaction chamber for optimal performance. Quality acrylic construction.

Designed to hang on the back of the tank

Height: 23"

Footprint: 7" X 6"

Recommended tank size: Up to 75 gallons