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Fluval 7.9 gal Nano Shrimp Habitat
Your Price: $95.25

Detailed Description

The Fluval Nano Shrimp Habitat, 7.9 gallons, is equipped with the key components to create an ideal habitat for your freshwater shrimps and crayfish. This kit includes lighting, a filter, substrate, telescopic shrimp net, Shrimp Mineral Supplement, Shrimp Safe and Shrimp Granulesthe necessary components for shrimp and crayfish such as Red Dwarf Shrimp, Green Dwarf Shrimp, Tiger Shrimp and Orange Dwarf Crayfish.

7.9 gallon glass aquarium. 14" Tall X 11.75" X 11.75". Includes glass cover.

Rock background (made of a styrofoam type substance)

Lighting: Clip on 13W Compact Fluorescent Lighting System. Full spectrum 6400K bulb. Light swivel in all four directions.

4.4 LB Fluval Stratum (shrimp)

Internal Fluval Nano Aquarium Filter with spray bar (Comes w/ Bio-Foam Pad & Fine Foam Pad. Carbon Cartridge sold separately)


Telescopic Shrimp Net. Handle telescopes from 5" to 14". 2" diameter net is 3.1" deep and the anti-snag netting prevents shrimp from escaping and getting tangled.

Shrimp Safe for making tap water safe for shrimps (2 fl oz)

Shrimp Mineral Supplement general hardness increaser (2 fl oz)

Shrimp Granules nutritious food for freshwater shrimp (35 g)

Protection mat (to lay tank on)