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Hagen 10508
Fluval Large Chi Aquarium Kit
6.6 Gallon Aquarium
Your Price: $77.99

Detailed Description

Extraordinary design inspired by authentic aquatic tradition. The Fluval Chi (Pronounced "tchee") goes far beyond conventional aquariums. It allows ones self expression and infuses itself into everything by creating a harmonious environment. Inspired by the classical Chi from the Chinese culture as an active principle forming part of any living thing, Chi is a form of energy that symbolizes life, health, prosperity and everything that is positive to us. With flowing waters and illumination, the Fluval Chi set within the living or working environment will maximize the life quality of those who inhabit these spaces.

6.6 gallon glass tank with base

25.4cm wide, 25.4cm back to front and 41cm high

LED Lighting System: 11 powerful LED lamps provide brilliant plant or decor illumination. The fountain lamp remains on, and is the beacon for positive energy. The safe low voltage system is operated by moving the On/off lever. LED light with 6.6 Gallon comes with Remote Light Switch.

Filtration System: An easy to use low maintenance filtration system keeps water crystal clear, and ensures a healthy environment for the fish. Filtered water flows calmly over the center piece, bringing purified oxygen to the aquarium and stimulating the flow of positive energy. Filter pad and foam pad included.

Pebble Basket: Positioned on the top of the filtration cube, the decor tray holds either the pebble basket or additional decor pieces, which soften the sound of the trickling water. Pebbles included.

Plant Basket: The plant basket easily slips our of the plant box and can be filled with Fluval Chi decor pieces or natural plants to complement the Fluval Chi surroundings. Plants NOT included.

Includes Nutrafin Aqua Plus Water Conditioner (1 fl oz) & Nutrafin Cycle Biological Aquarium (1 fl oz)