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Hydor HY00774
Hydor Performer 505 Protein Skimmer
Your Price: $308.99

Detailed Description

The Hydor NEW Performer 505 Protein Skimmer is an in sump skimmer designed to accommodate aquariums up to 200 gallons. Included with this skimmer is a Seltz L30 circulation pump. You will also need a supply pump—Hydor recommends the Seltz L20 as a supply pump.

Dimension: Height, 21.7" & Footprint 8.1" X 11"

For aquarium up to 200 gallons with a normal stocking level. For aquariums up to 125 gallons with a high stocking level.

Included pump: Seltz L30

Recommended Supply Pump: Seltz L20

The Skimmer can either be placed inside the sump or right beside the sump. If placed beside the sump, the supply pump will be in the sump and the return tube will need to be above the water level.