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Hydor RHY00772
Hydor Slim-Skim Internal Protein Skimmer
Your Price: $136.82

Detailed Description

The Hydor Slim-Skim Internal Protein Skimmer is designed for reef aquariums up to 65 gallons. The Slim-Skim's unique intake design draws water from the surfaceeliminating surface bio-slicks. Measuring only 17.5" X 4" X 4.5", this compact skimmer will fit into a sump.

Dimensions: 17.5" X 4" X 4.5"

For aquariums with normal stocking up to 65 gallons. For aquariums with heavy stocking up to 48 gallons.

The Hydor foaming pump is included. A supply pump is not needed.

Designed for in-sump use. Could be used inside a tank if the water level is consistent.

Magnetic suction cup mounts for easy positioning

Special grid for surface water intake

Multi-venturi impeller technology

Low power consumption, and adjustable air control and foaming level

Foam production is adjusted by raising and lowering the collection cup