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Hydor RHY00771
Hydor Slim-Skim Nano Protein Skimmer
Your Price: $105.29

Detailed Description

The Hydor Slim-Skim Nano Protein Skimmer is designed for nano and mini reef aquariums up to 35 gallons. The Slim-Skim Nano's unique intake design draws water from the surfaceeliminating surface bio-slicks. Measuring only 12" X 3" X 3.33", this compact skimmer will fit into the back compartment of many popular nano tanks.

Dimensions: 12" X 3" X 3.33"

For aquariums with normal stocking up to 35 gallons. For aquariums with heavy stocking up to 15 gallons.

The Hydor foaming pump is included. A supply pump is not needed as the skimmer is submersed.

Designed to fit in the back compartment of many popular nano cubes

Magnetic suction cup mounts for easy positioning

Special grid for surface water intake

Multi-venturi impeller technology

Low power consumption, and adjustable air control and foaming level

Foam production is adjusted by raising and lowering the collection cup