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Inland Seas - Additives

Why should you use trace elements?
Measured in parts per million and parts per billion, trace elements are easy to overlook. But, without these vital trace elements, life as we know it would vanish!

At Inland Seas they feel strongly that replenishing trace elements is a major requirement for long term success in maintaining and propagating corals in captive marine systems. They have formulated a one step trace element and vitamin supplement called Biotrace to replenish the trace elements and vitamins that are rapidly depleted by filtration and other natural processes in marine aquaria. 

Inland Seas Calcium Supplement is a calcium chloride solution for hobbyists who find it impossible to use Kalkwasser, or for use in conjunction with Kalkwasser to increase calcium levels. 

Inland Seas Iodine Supplement is a potassium iodide solution for hobbyists wishing to add individual trace elements. 

Inland Seas Strontium Supplement is a strontium chloride solution for hobbyists wishing to add individual trace elements.
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8 oz. BioTrace
8 oz. BioTrace
Your Price: $11.94
8 oz. BioTrace
1 kg Inland Seas Buffer
1 kg Inland Seas Buffer
Your Price: $16.20
1 kg Inland Seas Buffer