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UltraLife IA1111
Innovative Aquatics Sentry Dosing Pump
Your Price: $381.15

Detailed Description

The Sentry is a professional grade reef aquarium dosing pump that comes complete with all the equipment you need to automatically nourish, balance and protect the environment of your reef aquarium.

Two separate channels, Dark-Activated Dosing, pH Controller & Float-Switch compatibility. Large red LCD display, internal battery backup, compact size, quiet, dependable performance dosing as little as 0.3 ml./hour up to 100 ml./hour. Ideal for 2-part calcium/alkalinity addition. Also included is a higher-flow (3800 ml./hour) one-channel tubing set. Can easily be used for either night-time only kalkwasser dosing, 2-component dosing or makeup-water additions.