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JNS SK-5 Skimmer
Your Price: $695.99

Detailed Description

Exceptional buffer chamber.
Footprint: 46 * 30 CM
Pump(included): Syncra 5.0
Pump power consumption: 43 Watts
Air Intake: 1500 LPH (110V/60HZ)
Chamber Diameter: 25 CM
Height: 59 CM
Outlet size: 1-1/2 Quick-Precise adjusting valve

It works much better then traditional skimmers and full cone skimmers. We solve the problems of these two old types of skimmers: unstable bubble making and insufficient space of reaction chamber. SHARK protein skimmers provide enough capacity of reaction chamber and high stable cone body ; therefore, SHARK is much efficient than traditional skimmers and full cone skimmers.

SHARK 5.0 needle wheel pump absorbs high air intake and optimum bubble size. amply mix the bubble efficiently.

Quick-Precise adjusting valve allows quick and precise adjustment of skimmer water level for more accurate control over dry or wet foam production.

Rubber feet for decrease noise and vibration isolation.

Exceptional buffer chamber