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Kent Marine 00884
Kent Marine Nautilus Phos Reactor
Your Price: $69.99

Detailed Description

The Kent Marine Nautilus Phos Reactor is a multi-purpose filter that is reated for freshwater aquariums up to 300 gallons and marine aquariums up to 150 gallons. For larger systems multiple units can be utilized. Made from high-quality acrylic and ABS plastics this unit comes with all neccessary fittings for basic operation making set-up simple. Works well with Kent Marine Power Phos as a liquidized phosphate and silicate remover. Can also be used with other Kent Marine filter media such as Phosphate Sponge Reef Carbon Nitrate Sponge Organic Adsorption Resin Toxic Metal Sponge Mixed Bed Resin and others. Requires a submersible pump rated up to 100 gph.