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Kessil KE09771
Kessil A350W Wide Angle Dimmable Tuna Blue 90 Watt LED Light Free Coralife Thermometer with Purchase
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Detailed Description

Dont know how many Kessil's you will need for your aquarium? Try the Kessil Lighting Calculator HERE

As with other Kessil LED aquarium lights, the Kessil A350W Wide Angle Dimmable Tuna Blue 90 Watt LED Light has a densely packed LED array. As with the A350 "Tuna Blue" light you can manually adjust the mixture of blue and white LEDs (using the two knobs on top of the light) to find the optimum spectrum for your tank and corals (thus, Tuna Blue or tune the blue). This light is differs from the A350 in that the A350W Wide Angle spreads the light out into a much wider area (see charts at the bottom of the page for the light spread of this wide angle light).

The Kessil A350W Dimmable Tuna Blue 90 Watt LED Light brings out the vivid colors of corals with the specially created spectrums of the A350. While it is hard to compare the Kessil to 250 Watt metal halide lights, the 90 Watt Kessil has a greater effective light spectrum for corals than a 250 Watt metal halide. This is partly due to the efficient use of electricity with LEDs, partly a function of higher percentage of the light being directed downward and partly because a very high percentage of the light spectrum with the Kessil A350 Dimmable Tuna Blue 90 Watt LED Light is useful to corals.

The Kessil A350W will result in thriving corals with lower electricity bills, less of a need for a chiller and no bulb replacement costs. The lightweight Kessil light, which weighs just over a pound, can be easily hung above the tank from with the two built in mounting tabs (that can be attached to a chain or other hanging mechanism), or can be clamped to the tank with the Kessil A350 & A350W LED Light Pendant Gooseneck Clamp/Mount.

This Wide Angle Model has a beam spread of 70 degrees vertically (140 degrees edge-to-edge) and is recommended for larger tanks that are relatively shallow (e.g. frag tanks), and for very large swim tanks. In most instances the A350 will be a better choice than the A350W for reef aquariums.

90 Watts: Effective light greater than a 250 watt metal halide. Note: 90 watts is the maximum output. The output will be less if you turn down the blue or white LEDs.

Variable Color Temperature: Using the two knobs on the top of the light you can tune the LEDs to your desired color temperature. 10K? 14K? 20K? No problem.

Advanced Thermal System: Innovative heat management system lets the light run efficiently for a long time.

LED array specifically designed and tailored for reef aquariums

Advanced optics effectively direct deep, penetrating light that creates a beautiful shimmer effect. The glitter lines rival metal halide lights

Weight: 1.2 pounds (the power supply weighs an additional 1.3 pounds). Dimensions: 4" Diameter X 3-13/16" Height (dimensions do not include an additional 1" for the hanging bracket & cord clearance).

11.5 foot power cord from light to power supply (a 5 ft cord & a 6.5 ft extension). 6 foot cord from power supply to wall plug.

Listed Power Supply Input 100-240 VAC 47-63 Hz Output 24 VDC, Maxiumum 1.87A. Could require a plug adapter for non-US sockets.

You may wish to also purchase a Kessil A350 & A350W LED Light Pendant Gooseneck Clamp/Mount

1-Year Warranty