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Hagen HG20505
Laguna PowerFlo Max Biological Underwater Filter
Your Price: $85.25

Detailed Description

The Laguna Biological Underwater Filter is ideal for use in ponds that contain fish. The filter provides the same powerful mechanical filtration as the PowerFlo, plus it features biological filtration with Laguna's patented Bio-Max filter material. The efficient ceramic media provides a huge surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive. This media will support the decomposition of ammonia and nitrite to less harmful nitrate that can be controlled by aquatic plants and water changes. The end result is that the filter protects the pump from clogging and keeps water clean and clear. The filter can be installed near the edge of the pond for quick and easy access and maintenance.

Suitable for ponds up to 800 gallons
Complete biological/mechanical filtration
Reduces pump maintenance
Reduces pump maintenance
Allows for easy access and cleaning
Integrates easily with existing pumps
Replacement parts available upon request


Universal Click-Fit coupling, which allows connections to 3/4, 1 or 1 1/4 inch hosing.
Two foam filter pads.
Laguna BioMax filter media