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Leaf Aquatics LA00004
Leaf Aquatics Phosphorus 500ML
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Detailed Description

A balanced nature style planted aquarium benefits from macronutrient Phosphorus additions. Lack or low Phosphate content in the aquarium can lead to green spot algae. Less Phosphorus is needed by plants but too much can increase unwanted algae. Leaf Phosphorus is produced from quality soluble Phosphorus and de-ionized water. Direction: 1 pump (2 ml) will raise 0.5 ppm Phosphate in 38 liters (10 US gal) of aquarium water. Test total Phosphate levels in the aquarium regularly and dose 3-4 times per week or as needed to maintain levels at or near 1-2 ppm Phosphate. Less dosing will be required in lightly planted aquaria.