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Marineland ML90531
Marineland 20 Inch Color Changing LED Bubble Wand
Your Price: $33.99

Detailed Description

Beautiful underwater lighting effects are created with the Marineland 20 inch Color Changing LED Bubble Wand while the bubbles improve the circulation and oxygenation. The 16 LEDs automatically cycle through hundreds of colors.

Requires Airline Tubing (not included), Air Pump (not included), and Check Valve (not included) to prevent back siphoning

10 foot long power cord

On/off switch for LEDS included

Great for 24 and larger aquariums; use 2 in a 48 long aquarium.

The 16 color-changing LEDs create a unique and striking light effect in any aquarium. The Bubble Wand automatically cycles through hundreds of colors.

Includes 4 re-positionable suction cups for secure installation to the bottom or back of an aquarium