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Media Melter AEtech Calcium Reactors

Commercial Grade Calcium Reactors built for reliable long term service. We use bulkhead fittings on the reactor chamber. No glued PVC fittings reactor chamber that can leak. Use of flexible PVC piping at key joints allows for easy disassembly when servicing reactor. O-ring sealed media chamber. Reactor tested to 10psi, for leak free performance. Down-flow design because it works the best. Forget reverse flow and the incredible pulverizing of the media that clogs valves and plumbing. Media needs to be melted to work not pulverized. Larger pumps for better mixing of CO2 and media and very efficient use of CO2. Base mounted pump for reliable start stop operation such as power interruptions. PH controller ready, lets you forget bubble counting forever. PH monitor can be used to check reaction chamber PH setting for accurate co2 dosing. Self filling PVC bubble counter never dries out as others do. Will not craze like acrylic versions. Includes Heavy duty threaded Commercial grade CO2 check valve. Best in the industry.