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PLS-50 Nano Pipeless skimmer
For Aquariums 10 - 50 Gallons
Your Price: $108.99

Detailed Description

NEW PLS-50 Nano Pipeless skimmer gives you BIG performance packed into a Nano body.

There are 3 key features together that are predominantly used and depended upon in larger Professional protein skimmers (Such as our TIA and larger PLS lines) for high performance applications. In the past, these features were difficult to fit into a Nano skimmer, but now with our PLS-50 Nano Pipeless skimmer, you can take advantage of these BIG features in your Nano reef too.

CAD Lights (Patent pending) Pipe-less design eliminates all external control, ultimately maximizing the space saved in any chamber. Patented locking system to allow for precise adjustments to skimming level and locking it in place once you have found the sweet spot. Professional Air injection thats normally found on larger advanced skimmers is specially designed into the CAD Lights nano Pipeless skimmer. Air injection produces a much higher air draw as compared to Venturi or air-stone driven skimmers. High performance Pin-wheel impeller also increases the overall volume of air and bubble quality by “Chopping” up the bubbles into even finer mist-sized and micro sized bubbles. This increases the overall surface area for dissolved organic compounds (DOCs) to attach onto the produced micro bubbles. Turbulence controlling Bubble-plate is also another feature that most large high performance skimmers have. The use of bubbles plates are to reduce greatly the turbulence inside the skimmer so that the direction of the bubbles move smoothly with minimal restriction.

CAD Lights patented Pipeless design
patented Locking system for holding settings
Air injection
Pin-wheel impellers
100% Aquarium grade Cell-Cast acrylic
up and down adjustable bracket
3-piece assembly thats easy to disassemble

Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.25" x 15"
Speed: 190GPH
Air Draw: 187LPH
Noise emissions: 5dB over audible sound
Aquarium Capacity: 10G to 50G
100% Cell-Cast acrylic
easily disassembles in 3 pieces
Built in Professional Bubble-Plate
Lock knob for tension control and full lock
sliding tank mount for higher or lower settings
CAD Lights TIA Pro skimmer pumps