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Magnavore APU00406
Pura 32 Oz. Complete
Your Price: $20.99

Detailed Description

PURA Complete is fast acting, long lasting, and very effective in reef, marine, planted, and delicate freshwater aquaria. The 8 oz will treat a 50-gallon tank up to 6 months. PRA Complete should be used instead of plain carbon, and no additional "specialty media" are necessary to provide total, complete, and cost effective aquarium waste management.

Removes phosphate and silicates thus greatly reduces propagation of algae. Removes large quantities of ammonia and formaldehydes. Removes copper, arsenic, zinc and other heavy metals. Removes a broad range of organics like urine, phenols, coloring agents, odors, proteins and residual medications.

Extremely low impact on trace elements and desirable fertilizers like potassium. Convenient to implement, comes with a 6" x 12" 300-micron media bag.

Treats 200 Gal