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Red Sea RS21515
Red Sea Reef Colors Pro Test Kit
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Detailed Description

Red Sea's Reef Colors Pro Kit includes advanced tests for the high accuracy measurement of iodine, potassium and iron. All of these elements are associated with many biological functions such as coral pigmentation. This test kit enables accurate dosing of 3 of the Reef Colors Supplements range, which are part of the complete Red Sea Reef Care Program.

Iodine Pro Test Kit (50 tests)

Potassium Pro Test Kit (40 tests)

Red Sea’s Iron Pro test kit is an advanced colorimetric test, measuring the level of total

Iron (chelated and non-chelated iron) to an exceptionally high accuracy of 0.05 ppm. This test kit enables the accurate dosing of Coral Colors B supplement. We do not sell the Iron Pro separately. (50 tests)

Red Sea Reef Care Program Coral Colors Testing and Supplementing Guide (pdf format in new window)