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Red Sea Reef Foundation Pro Multi Test kit (Ca,Alk,Mg) Calcium, Magnesium & Alkalinity
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Detailed Description

The Foundation test kits include Calcium, Alkalinity & Magnesium as individual tests and the Reef Foundation Pro kit which combines the 3 individual tests in one convenient to use kit. All of the foundation kits include analytical grade glass vials and an easy to use, single hand, high precision Titrator.

Reef Foundation Supplements & Test Kits

Test Name Element Accuracy Range Test Type No. of Tests

KH/ Alkalinity Pro KH ±0.025 meq/l

8 Titration 75

Calcium Pro Ca ±2.5 ppm

8 Titration 75

Magnesium Pro Mg ±10 ppm

8 Titration 60