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Hydor SER08058
Sera Flore Co2 Active Reactor 1000
Your Price: $62.18

Detailed Description

The new sera flore CO2 active reactors 500 and 1000 with twin rotor supersede the generation of static CO2 generators. The rotors, the upper one of which is designed as a lamella rotor, ensure strong blending of CO2 with the aquarium water, allowing to dissolve several hundred CO2 bubbles per minute.

The sera flore CO2 active reactor 500 is suitable for freshwater aquariums between 250 l and 600 l. We recommend the sera flore CO2 active reactor 1000 for larger or densely planted aquariums.

Easy installation and cleaning

Includes holder bracket for installation inside the aquarium or outside, e.g. in an aquarium cabinet

Connectors for standard hoses

Hose connectors with fastener