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SpectraPure SP10001
SpectraPure 90 GPD Membrane with Flow Restrictor
Your Price: $80.19

Detailed Description

SpectraPure 90 GPD Membrane with Flow Restrictor.

Comes with a 90 GPD flow restrictor. Can be used with any RO system with any GPD rating. Just change out the old flow restrictor for the one that comes with this 90 GPD Membrane.

Each and ever one of these 90 GPD Membranes has been individually tested. All other RO membranes from SpectraPure and other companies are only batch tested (one from every batch is tested for quality).

No other membrane can match the SpectraSelect for long life and the ability to remove silica phosphates, nitrates, and heavy metals. SpectraPure SpectraSelect Membranes are handpicked for consistent ultra-high rejection, and have the highest known rejection rate of all reverse osmosis membranes availble.

SpectraSelect Membranes produce higher-purity water and double the life of DI cartridges used in RO/DI Systems.

The SpectraSelect Ultra-High Rejection Membrane is also available as a replacement option for most Reverse Osmosis Systems.

2" x 12"