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Emperor Aquatics 1725
Tadpole UV Submersible Filter System By Emperor Aquatics
Your Price: $510.92

Detailed Description

The Tadpole UV is a complete, submersible
pond filter system that includes the following:
pump, solid waste filtering pad, and an internal 25 watt UV.
Suitable for ponds of up to 1,500 gallons, the Tadpole UV is
an excellent choice when external plumbing or filters are not
an option. Place the Tadpole UV in the deepest area of the
pond and it will provide and maintain clear, healthy water.

  • Quality pump provides 500 GPH.

  • Internal filter pad provides large
    surface area for trapping solid

  • Internal 25 watt UV features a 13
    month UV lamp.

  • No plumbing or additional filters

  • Easy installation.

  • Re-usable filter pad lasts for

  • Durable Tadpole construction
    resists breakage (much stronger
    that brittle ABS plastic).

  • Add a second filter pad or media
    for additional bio-filtering capacity.

  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning

  • Recommended Filter Applications

    The Tadpole UV Filter is specifically designed for small pond filtration, suitable for ponds of up to 1,500 gallons with a moderate fish load. No other filtration is needed when using a Tadpole UV Filter, and since it is completely submersible, no external plumbing either!

  • For Best Filtration Results

    Submerge the Tadpole UV Filter in the deepest area of the pond and provide professionally installed, outdoor, dual GFI electrical outlets. Clean the re-usable Filter Pad occasionally to maintain effective solid waste capture and wipe down the UV Lamp and Quartz Sleeve to assure optimum UV Sterilization. Be sure to test for water leaks before reinstalling the filter in the pond.