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Current USA CU01661
TrueLumen Aquatic LED Strips 10" 2-453nm Blue and 2-12000K LED Strip
Your Price: $29.95

Detailed Description

The TrueLumen 10" LED Strip, 12,000K White/453nm Blue has two 453nm Actinic Blue LEDs and two 12,000 K White LEDs and is a perfect moonlight add-on to an aquarium light. These thin LED strips can be used to add night lighting, add a shimmering effect and enhance color. They do not add any heat to the tank and the LEDs can last up to 50,000 hours.

Must be connected to a TrueLumen LED Strips & Lunar Light 12V Power Supply (not included)

You can use the TrueLumen 3-Way Splitter (not included), to connect three TrueLumen LED Strips to the 12V Power Supply

Dimensions: 10" X .5" X .1"

Comes with two screws and sticky tape for attachment to a canopy or other lights