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Tsunami Reefugium Pro 300/400
For Aquariums up to 400 Gallons
Your Price: $979.99


Detailed Description


Material Thickness: 3/8" Cast Acrylic

Overall Size: 48"x21"x20"

Overall Capacity: 85 Gallons

Refugium Compartment: 48"x7" ( 27 Gallons )

Filter Bag Compartment: 9"x12.5"

Protein Skimmer Compartment: 28"x12.5"

Protein Skimmer Constant Water Level: 11"

* Various sized protein skimmer stands are available to elevate your skimmer if a different water level is needed

Return Pump Compartment: 7"x12.5"

Drain Down Capacity: 25 Gallons

Refugium Features
Cross bracing to accept most 36" aquarium lighting fixtures

Dual drains to prevent overflow of refugium compartment

Blacked out panel to prevent stray lighting from entering skimmer/sump area

Gate valve adjustable flow through refugium

Key Features
Dual 100 micron filter bags

Extra large protein skimmer area to accept a multitude of different protein skimmers

Bubble trap baffles before pump compartment to eliminate micro bubbles in display tank

Recommended flow rate 1500gph

Maximum flow rate 2000 gph

Recommended for aquriums up to 400 gallons