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URI UR82124
URI 24 Inch 20w Actinic White Lamp
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Detailed Description

The UV Lighting Super Actinic R is the most widely used aquarium lamp on the market. This lamp has a 100% blue spectrum with a peak output around 420 nm. This closely resembles the blue chlorophyll absorption peak utilized in photosynthesis. The 180 degree internal reflector allows for 40% more light output. It's great for reef applications and coral enhancement. The true color temperature cannot be computed for an actinic lamp, but this type of lamp is commonly referred to as 7,100K. The UV Lighting Actinic White lamp is the first of its kind to offer a 50/50 combination of triband (daylight) and actinic (blue) phosphors. This mixture provides a great balance between the life supporting spectrum required by live rock, corals, anemones, and related marine life, and the daylight spectrum required for vibrant color rendition. The 180 degree internal reflector allows for 40% more light output. The Actinic White Lamp has a kelvin temperature of 12,000.

UV Lighting was the first to revolutionize the aquarium industry with its introduction of the triband phosphor mix and VHO internal reflector lamps. Since that introduction in 1988, UV Lighting's aquatic lighting has been the number one choice for premium marine systems all over the world.