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Aqua C AC03532
AquaC Urchin Pro-S Protein Skimmer w/ Mag 5 Pump
Your Price: $279.99

Detailed Description

The AquaC Urchin Pro-S Skimmer is a small sump skimmer that requires no plumbing, fiddling with, or constant maintenance.

AquaC Urchin Pro-S Skimmer Includes:

This Urchin Pro-S Protein Skimmer includes a high-flow injector, extended collection cup and the drain fitting

Mag 5 pump

Cleaning brush

10" of 1/2" flexible hose and plastic clamps

AquaC Urchin Pro-S Skimmer Features:

For in sump use only

For tanks over 75 gallons

Footprint, 6" x 4.75"

Height, 18" (Minimum height needed for collection cup removal is 24 inches)

Mag 5 pump dimensions: 5" X 3.8" X 4.2". 1/2" MPT outlet.

The AquaC Urchin Pro Skimmer is the newest addition to AquaC`s line of protein skimmers that utilize spray induction technology. Based on the popular Remora, the Urchin is a sump model that is suitable for small tanks that don`t require the waste-removing power of the AquaC EV Series. No plumbing required. Simply connect the pump, drop in the sump and plug in the pump. Unlike most sump skimmers, the Urchin does not need to be raised or tinkered with to maintain the proper water level. For those with larger reef tanks, try the AquaC EV Protein Skimmer.