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Apex 150 Cone Protein Skimmer
Apex 150 Cone Skimmer
Your Price: $359.99

Detailed Description

Very Efficient… Very Compact … Very Effective… 1 Choice for Quality, Innovation and Performance

AquaEuroUSA Protein Skimmers maintain a clean marine aquarium ecosystem by effectively eliminating dissolved organic compounds (DOC), which is a must for keeping a pure, healthy environment for your aquarium inhabitants.

AquaEuro In-Sump Apex Protein Skimmers 'Semi-cone, shaped' reaction chamber is engineered to increase the volume and contact time between air and saltwater. Pin Wheel Impeller increases performance, efficiently changes incoming air bubbles to micro bubbles. Bubble Plate is designed to reduce large bubbles, maximizes micro- bubble formation resulting in a homogeneous mix increasing foam density for better and easier collection cup removal. Small footprint frees up valuable sump space.

  • Maintain a pure, healthy marine aquarium ecosystem
  • Remove more organic waste
  • Reduce water change frequency
  • Efficiently separates dissolved organic waste from water
  • Quality construction, thick acrylic body, reliable performance
  • Cylindrical Cone Shaped body
  • Twist lock neck for easy cup removal
  • Micro Adjustable valve for easy & precise setting
  • Pin Wheel Impeller increases performance
  • Bubble Plate maximizes micro-bubble formation
  • Small footprint frees up valuable sump space
Footprint L7" X W6"
Height 21"
Tank size up to: 150 Gallons
Wattage 18 Watt
  • Low energy consumption with high air intake