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Aqua Medic CO2 Reactor 100
Your Price: $15.79

Detailed Description

The Aqua Medic CO2 Reactor 100 is the smallest CO2 reactor we carry. The Reactor is designed to be placed directly in a freshwater aquarium and it comes with a suction cup holder. The CO2 is forced through a ceramic diaphragm. This creates tiny bubbles that rise slowly in the water and dissolve on their way up. It requires a CO2 bottle, tubing and a bubble counter or regulator. A pump is not required. Dimension: 2" X 1" X 1.75".

The Reactor 100 is maintenance free. If after a long period of operation the ceramic diaphragm is clogged by dirt or algae, you can clean it by placing it in a 6% solution of hydrogen peroxide for a few days..