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AquaC Nano Remora Protein Skimmer with Cobalt 900 Pump
Your Price: $159.99

Detailed Description

Nano Remora Protein Skimmer w/ Cobalt 900 Pump Features:
  • Designed for tanks between 5-25 gallons.
  • For hang-on use only
  • Dimensions: 16" tall and 2.75"
  • AquaC Nano Remora User Manual
  • A miniature version of the popular Remora Protein Skimmers
  • Uses half the power of the regular Remora
  • Powered by a Cobalt 900 pump
  • The Aqua C Remora protein skimmers do not use venturis, downdraft tubes, or air pumps; they employ the patented "Spray Injection System." This innovation allows the Aqua C Remora protein skimmer to efficiently draw in much more air than any other of the top protein skimmers.